TREGS Day Care and Educational Centre is an Ofsted registered nursery which provides high quality childcare for babies and young children from the age of 0-5 years. We also provide an afterschool club session which goes up to the age of 11.

Our aim is to encourage individual progress. To boost self-confidence and self-awareness, to provide a stimulating environment as well as promoting positive relationships. We believe that the Early Years are the building stones on our journey of curiosity.

We work like a family of educators and we welcome children and families to feel comfortable amongst us. We are all very passionate, caring, nurturing and very talented individual members of staff who bring the nursery to life.


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Our Services

Day-Care 0-5 years

We use the EYFS to record, observe and plan the children’s activities with their needs and interests. We focus on various activities including messy play and free play activities as this is where we feel children express their imagination.  

Breakfast Club 5-11 years

We also offer a choice a range of activities during breakfast club as well as providing the children with a healthy start to the day. We provide activities such as drawing, reading, building, animal play etc.  

Afterschool Clubs 5-11 years

We focus on their school homework and then plan a wide range of activities to give children the opportunity to explore their imagination.  

Holiday Club 5-11 years

During school holidays when it is time for the holiday club children to come in, we enjoy taking the children to trips such as, museums, trampoline parks, funfair, parks etc.